Soul Eater is coming to Toonami!


And don’t they just look thrilled?

So I don’t know about any of you, but I’m REALLY excited about this! I’ve found Toonami’s recent choices in anime series to be a bit questionable- not based on the individual merits of each series, but on their marketability and appeal to anime fans and anime fans-to-be. Either the shows went to alienating extremes or were obscure and slow-paced.

Now it looks like we finally have a show that will appeal to your average anime fan and a general standard audience at the same time! I think this should have a good impact on the block as a whole. We just have to prepare for complaints about the dub that will be screamed from every corner of the internet, no matter how good the dub may actually be.

In any case, it’s set to premiere on February 17th at 1:30 AM.