New Sailor Moon Musical Costumes Revealed

Sailor Moon:  La Reconquista | Saru Anime

I have to say: I definitely approve.  The costumes are new but recognizable, and they weren’t over-accessorized into oblivion. It’s just enough to keep them looking fresh but classic.

I’m not usually one for anime-based musicals, but I’m going to give La Reconquista a shot. For those who don’t know, this is going to be an all-female production- which I think is neat, since Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi is a fan of the all-female acting troupe Takarazuka Revue. Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus were actually inspired by Takarazuka performers (there’s a great note on this and the use of the phrase “Zuka fan” in the back of Sailor Moon Vol. 11). If Zuka sounds familiar to you, you might remember the Zuka Club from Ouran High School Host Club as a band of all-female performers that tried to recruit Haruhi.

Zuka Club | Saru Anime

Takeuchi herself was even a part of the audition process for this production. How can you be a Sailor Moon fan and not be just a little excited?

This year has been a great one for Sailor Moon fans so far- and that’s no surprise, what with it being the 20th anniversary of the franchise. The new anime series that was promised to be out this year, however, has barely been mentioned since its announcement and has been postponed at least once. But there’s at least one thing to look forward to: Takeuchi will be doing her first interview in 11 years this August. Who knows? She might say something about the new adaptation.

Sailor Moon: La Reconquista will show in Shibuya for little over a week this September.


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