First Dub Episode of Tsuritama Available on The Anime Network

Tsuritama | Saru Anime

A few days ago, I included Tsuritama as one of my top four anime for summertime. And why not? It’s got fishing, the ocean, squirt guns and aliens. What could say “summertime” better than that?

Depending on your view on dubbed anime, you’re probably either happy or disappointed about the fact that Tsuritama is being dubbed. If you’ve been saving your judgement until you could hear the actual final product, then now is your time to make a decision. The first episode of Tsuritama has been dubbed and is available to watch online over at The Anime Network. Check out the trailer below to get a quick taste.

What do you think? Are you excited for this dub, or could you care less? Check out episode one, Panicked Fishing,  for yourself.

If you’re already a Tsuritama fan, you might also want to look into preordering the series on Bluray or DVD. It’s due to be released on August 20th.



2 thoughts on “First Dub Episode of Tsuritama Available on The Anime Network

  1. I’m glad we get a try at the first episode of the dub. I like watching dubs, but there are a lot of second-rate ones (especially ones by Sentai Filmworks) that I’ve regretted buying. Getting a demo is fair.

    I should try Tsuritama again. I got 3 episodes in before being distracted by real life and Space Brothers, and I liked what I saw.

    • I haven’t heard a lot of Sentai’s dubs yet actually. There are some dubs that I’m practically devoted to- but for a lot of series, I don’t really pay them that much attention. It’s hard to adjust to a new set of voices once you’ve already gotten used to another.

      That’s exactly how many episodes I watched my first time around too! Tsuritama really is a cute, fun show. I hope you enjoy it if you do decide to go back and revisit it.

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