Trailer for Arakawa’s Silver Spoon Released

Silver Spoon | Saru Anime

The name Hiromu Arakawa should be familiar to you if you’re a fan of the manga and anime series Fullmetal Alchemist. Why? She’s the mangaka who created the series of course! Her newest manga project, Silver Spoon, has been ongoing since 2011. It’s getting an anime adaptation this year, the first episode of which is coming out July 11th. If you’re curious about it, check out the new trailer for the series below.

Silver Spoon takes place at an agricultural school in Hokkaido. Yugo Hachiken enters the school despite having no interest in agriculture- then quickly discovers that this new way of life is much more challenging than he had originally thought. The trailer showcases the series’ cast and just some of the troubles that Yugo runs into at Oezo Agricultural High School. The series will be simulcast in the US via Crunchyroll.



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