Main Cast of Kill La Kill Revealed

Kill la Kill Cast | Saru Anime

So if you had already heard about Studio Trigger’s Kill la Kill, then you would have known that two of the characters were already known to the public: Satsuki Kiryuin, the student council president that rules her school with an iron fist; and Ryuko Matoi, a transfer student determined to fight for the freedom of the campus. Now the latest issue of Newtype magazine has revealed four new characters:

Nonon Jakuzure, member of the Culture Club; Hōka Inumuta, member of the Intelligence Strategy Club; Ira Gamagōri, member of the Public Morals club; and Yamauzu Sanage, member of the Exercise Club.

This begs the question: are these new characters on the side of the student council, or will some of them decide to side with Ryuko? We’ll have to wait until the series premieres in October to see how this will play out.


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