Kuroshitsuji Live-Action Film Trailer Aired

Kuroshitsuji Live Action Movie | Saru Anime

Trying to pull off a live-action adaptation of an anime series is always tricky. As we all know, fans get devoted to the series and its characters; so a live-action production is open to an immense amount of scrutiny. The closer to the original source material, the better. Fans of the popular Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) anime and manga series are no doubt already aware that a live-action movie is on the way. Now the trailer is out, begging the question: how will fans react?

The answer to that question really depends on how much fans will appreciate this re-imagining of the Kuroshitsuji universe. First off, the live-action film doesn’t take place in Victorian England like the manga and anime series does. This movie actually takes place in the future, year 2020. The main human character opposite the demon butler Sebastian is not Ciel, but a young girl named Shiori. Like Ciel from the original storyline, she is a member of the Phantomhive family and has also made a deal with Sebastian.

All these changes make for a risky venture. Will fans appreciate the completely new story, or will they rally against it?



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