Sword Art Online English Trailer Revealed

Sword Art Online | Saru Anime

The popular Sword Art Online anime series has been on fans’ radars for a while now; even if you haven’t seen it, chances are you’ve heard people talking about it. Now, with its premiere on the resurrected Toonami fast approaching, its fanbase is no doubt ready to expand. A new trailer for the TV premiere of the English dub is now available for longtime fans and curious newcomers.

Dub versus sub wars aside, I think this show will do well on Toonami. It’s got drama, romance, and a video game spin that will appeal to a lot of viewers that are already watching Toonami; and if they aren’t, the premise of the show will attract newcomers of all ages. As much as many people liked the show Deadman Wonderland, I don’t think it was the greatest way to appeal to a large fanbase, as its extremely adult content would have kept the younger viewers excluded. I’ll be excited to see how SAO does on American television.

The Toonami premiere of Sword Art Online will be on July 28th at 2 AM.



2 thoughts on “Sword Art Online English Trailer Revealed

    • Yeah, I thought SAO was entertaining but didn’t live up to its full potential. It wasn’t a bad series though, just could have handled some things better. I feel the same way about it being a good gateway series for other shows though! If Tiger and Bunny ever got on Toonami I’d have a party.

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