New Good Smile Company Mascot Revealed

Good Smile Company Mascot | Saru Anime

If you’re at all into the collectable figurine scene, chances are you’ve heard of Good Smile Company. They’re well known for producing quality anime and video game character figures. But what is a popular Japanese company without a cute mascot?

At this summer’s Wonder Festival 2013 (an event held in Japan for garage kit and figurine hobbyists), Good Smile Company revealed a new mascot in a promotional video you can watch down below. She doesn’t have a name yet, but that will surely change soon.

For some, the face of Good Smile Company was a character named Gumako who was born out of an April Fool’s Day joke a few years ago. It looks like she’ll have to share the spotlight now with her younger sister. And let’s not forget Good Smile Seijin, a creature who also represents Good Smile Company. He’s perhaps not as attention-grabbing as Gumako and the newly announced girl, but I think he’s pretty cute in his own right. Don’t you think?

Good Smile Company Seijin | Saru AnimeSOURCE 1 and 2

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