New Project Teased by Sailor Moon Creator

Junichi Sato's Foolish Action Girl | Saru Anime

Sailor Moon fans are still impatiently waiting for this year’s promised anime reboot. While there’s still nothing definitive about when it will air, we might have something else to look forward to now. Junichi Sato, veteran Sailor Moon director, seems to be involved in a new project. There’s nothing but a teaser showcasing the silhouette of a “foolish action girl” as of right now, but hey- that’s more than we’ve gotten for the new Sailor Moon series at least.

Junichi Sato worked on the first two seasons of the Sailor Moon anime and has also been involved in mahou shoujo series like Princess Tutu, Pretear, Magic Users Club, and Ojamajo Doremi. It’s not 100% certain that the new teaser is for a magical girl series- but with those credentials, I certainly hope that’s the direction it’s going in.



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