Sailor Moon Anime Coming Our Way This Winter

Sailor Moon 2013 | Saru AnimeIt’s about time we got an update!

While we still don’t know the plot, animation style, exact release date, or official voice actors for the upcoming Sailor Moon anime series, we do know at least one thing: it’s scheduled to stream worldwide on Niconico sometime this winter. We also now know that the new series won’t be a remake, which begs the question: what plot will the new series follow? The original anime deviated away from the manga in many places, but every major manga arc was animated in some fashion. So if this new series isn’t a remake, then what will it be?

While there’s still a lot of mysteries surrounding the new series, this is at least more information than fans had before. The announcement was made courtesy of idol group Momoiro Clover Z and Sailor Moon‘s Kodansha editor Fumio Osano (also known by fans as “Osabu”) during the second Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Event. They also announced that Momoiro Clover Z will be performing the new series’ opening and ending theme songs.

What do you think readers? Excited about the new announcement, or feeling jaded after the show was already delayed once? I’m frustrated by the lack of hard details myself, but at the same time I can’t help but be excited that Sailor Moon has made such a great comeback this year. It does make me wonder how the new series will appeal to fans this time around. Will the new series be like the first and aim for a younger demographic, or will it cater to the adult fans that grew up with the show? Perhaps it will strike a careful balance. Whatever the contents of the show may be though, it’s certain that young and old fans alike are going to be tuned in to that first broadcast.


4 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Anime Coming Our Way This Winter

  1. I am really excited for the release, but not so much about who they are going to cater to. The original Sailor moon obviously was for younger children, and it’s enjoyable to watch now for nostalgia but not for enjoyment.Just like you are addressing, I hope that they don’t target it so much for kids, but also for the older generations that grew up with the watching the original series !


    • I agree- I definitely still watch shows like Sailor Moon through rose-colored nostalgia glasses (though the manga stands strong on its own, I think). I’m sure they know a large part of their demographic is older, so with any luck we’ll see that reflected in the new series!

  2. It’s odd to hear the official word that this new Sailor Moon series won’t be a remake, because I was under the impression that they wanted to be more faithful to the manga this time around. Still, perhaps all it means is that it won’t be a remake of the first TV series – even if every major story arc from the manga did end up animated back in the 90s, there were still some fairly big differences between the two. In any case, I’m still really excited. Yes, the lack of detail is frustrating and yes, it sucks that it was delayed, but fans have waited this long – they can hold off a little bit more. I’d rather wait and have a good quality production than have the creators rush things and end up with something slap-dash.

    • I agree, it’s definitely worth the wait for a really well-done series. And I had thought it would be a manga-faithful adaptation too. Maybe that is what they mean after all; like you say, the manga is very different in a lot of ways. So long as there are some awesome new transformation sequences, I’ll be happy!

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