Free! Iwatobi Swim Club – Episode 12

Free! Episode 12 | Saru Anime

This is it- the last episode. The Iwatobi team is more confident than ever, but they have no idea about the devastating news Rin received at the end of last week’s episode. There’s lots of volatile emotions and plenty of pressure here as we go into episode 12 of Free!, and there’s only one way to find out what happens and how it ends. Let’s dive in.

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Free! Iwatobi Swim Club – Episode 11

Free! Episode 11 | Saru Anime

It’s the second to last episode and things are starting to heat up between our newest swimmer and the club’s friend-turned-rival. Rei is demanding answers, but it isn’t clear if he’ll get any out of Rin. What will be the result of this clash of wills?

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Sale Alert: FUNimation Products 40% Off

Funimation Logo | Saru Anime

Rightstuf is at it again. This time the sale is on Blu-rays, DVDs, and merchandise from FUNimation. The 40% sale will run until September 26th and includes everything from in-stock items to pre-orders. Some notable series and films that are discounted include Wolf Children, Akira, and Axis Powers Hetalia among many, many others. Click here for the full rundown on what’s on sale.

Diabolik Lovers – Episode 1

Diabolik Lovers Episode 1 | Saru Anime

Diabolik Lovers is a reverse-harem series that began its life as a PSP otome game (if you’re unfamiliar with the term, think of it like a dating sim for girls). At first glance, it looked like a winner to me: nice character designs. Vampires. Romance. Call me a cliche, but I’m a girl who loves me a good romantic vampire tale. What can I say? It’s a weakness.

I’d also heard a lot of good things about the game this series is based on, so my expectations going into episode one of the anime series were high. Can I say Diabolik Lovers lived up to the hype though?

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Free! Iwatobi Swim Club – Episode 9

Free! Episode 9 | Saru Anime

After almost losing their chance to keep competing last week, the boys of Iwatobi’s swim club are getting a second chance at victory. But that isn’t all that’s on the line: the relationship between Haruka and Rin is strained on both ends and only getting more tense as the action amps up. Who will come out in better shape this week?

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