Fall Anime 2013 – Overview

Fall 2013 Anime Lineup | Saru Anime

Wow, is it that time of year already? It feels like just yesterday I was watching energetic boys in swimsuits in the summer of their lives, or something like that. Now the leaves are changing colors, pumpkin flavored everything is everywhere, and it’s time for the fall 2013 season of anime to begin. There are some really promising series premiering this season (and some that don’t look that great, but I’ll probably give them a shot anyway.) Here’s a look at the shows I’ll be checking out in the coming weeks.

Beyond the Boundary (Kyōkai no Kanata)

Beyond the Boundary | Saru Anime

KyoAni has seamlessly made the switch from swimming bishounen to polished fight scenes and a brand of cuteness that they’ve got down to a science. First of all, this show looks gorgeous. I love the warm tones and the use of lighting in the previews; not to mention the adorable protagonist who seems to be as clumsy as she is handy with a sword.  The story follows what happens when a youmu hunter named Mirai meets an immortal, half-youmu boy named Akihito.

Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill | Saru Anime

I’ve been waiting for this one since it was first announced. Studio Trigger’s latest project is about a girl named Ryuuko. She enrolls into a high school that is run more like a dictatorship than anything else, and it’s the student council (led by the ironfisted Satsuki) that runs the show. Ryuuko gains the ability to fight back against the council when she discovers a superpowered school uniform.

Log Horizon

Log Horizon | Saru Anime

I’m really on the fence regarding this one. On the one hand, it looks like this series intends to ride on the coattails of Sword Art Online‘s popularity, being a show about video gamers who find themselves trapped inside a virtual world. On the other hand, SAO certainly wasn’t the first show to tackle that premise (.hack anyone?) so there is a chance that Log Horizon is something original that can hold its own. I like the show’s visual aesthetic, so I’ll give it a shot if it’s picked up to stream by anyone.

[EDIT!] Crunchyroll just announced that they will be streaming Log Horizon! Awesome.


Meganebu! | Saru Anime

Speaking of “riding the coattails of fame”… Meganebu! might just be a really cute, endearing show, despite its silly premise. The series is about a club for glasses-wearing high school boys, and it seems to be Studio Deen’s attempt at recreating the success of Free!. Will it be a fun show? Probably. Will the characters be as interesting and appealing as the boys in Free! turned out to be? Only time will tell.

Samurai Flamenco

Samurai Flamenco | Saru Anime

First of all, I probably would have watched this show for the name alone. The story follows Hazama, a male model who decides that he wants to help the world by becoming a superhero. I mean, why not? His story gets tangled up with that of police officer Goto when the latter discovers the identity of the hero Samurai Flamenco. I like superheroes, strange premises and male models, so yeah. I’m trying this one out.

And that’s my basic lineup! I’m sure there will be other shows that appeal to me this season,  and I may or may not review them. I’ll be covering at least one or two of the above though, so keep an eye out for that. What about you, readers? What series will you watch with your pumpkin-flavored coffee in hand this fall?


2 thoughts on “Fall Anime 2013 – Overview

  1. The summer season really did feel like it flashed by incredibly quickly! There are quite a few shows I’m looking forward to from this new fall season though – like you, I’ll be eagerly watching Kyoukai no Kanata, Kill la Kill, Meganebu!, and Samurai Flamenco. I’ll also be keeping my eyes peeled for Coppelion (although the opening episode didn’t exactly thrill me), Galilei Donna, Pupa, and Gingitsune. 🙂

    • It really did! And this new season is whizzing by too. I’m having a hard time keeping up! It looks like your viewing schedule has been quite full :D.

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