Summer Anime 2014 – What I’m Watching

Summer 2014 Anime | Saru Anime

Will I have time to watch everything I want to see this season? It’s a tough call, since there are a lot of interesting shows making their debut here in the next couple of weeks. Check out the extremely useful AniChart for a full listing. We’ve got everything from beloved childhood shows making a comeback to highly anticipated sequels and some promising new series.

Given the variety of shows to choose from, it’s no surprise that this list is pretty extensive. Let’s start with the obvious…

Free! Eternal Summer
July 3rd

Free! Eternal Summer | Saru Anime

Free! Eternal Summer is the second season of everyone’s favorite swimming anime, which I watched and reviewed diligently last year. The first season was unexpectedly well-done and just as fun as I had hoped, and so my expectations of Eternal Summer are high. Somehow, I don’t feel like KyoAni will disappoint.

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus
July 11th

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus | Saru Anime

Another sequel! Sort of. The mainline Kuroshitsuji anime went really off the rails in season 2 and completely broke away from the manga’s canon story, closing the doors on a direct sequel forever (unless they decide to create another completely new storyline for a third season). However, there’s still tons of potential in the manga for an anime series that stays faithful to its story, and that’s what we’re getting from the Book of Circus OVA. This was one of the best arcs in the manga so far, so I can’t wait to see it animated.

Sailor Moon Crystal
July 5th

Sailor Moon Crystal | Saru Anime

Everyone’s favorite sailor soldier is making a comeback! Alright, maybe she’s not your favorite magical girl, but no one can deny that Sailor Moon was a 90’s powerhouse, or that it was extremely influential on the magical girl genre as a whole. The new series’ character designs have been divisive and there’s as much worry over this remake as there is hype, but regardless, there’s no doubting this is going to be one of the biggest series of the year.

Yami Shibai 2
July 6th

Yami Shibai 2 | Saru Anime

Another sequel… uh, I’m seeing a pattern. But seriously, if you didn’t watch the first season of Yami Shibai alone in the dark, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Each episode may only be a few minutes long, but the series did a masterful job of cramming as much dark atmosphere and creepiness into each bite-sized viewing as possible. If you need some chills to cool you down this July, look no further.

Love Stage!!
July 10th

Love Stage!! | Saru Anime

I don’t know how I feel about this one. On the one hand, a straightforward boys’ love show! I haven’t seen one in a long time. On the other hand, part of the reason I stopped watching these series was because they have a tendency to get real repetitive real fast. But I’ve heard good things about Love Stage!!, so I’m going to give it a fair chance. Plus wow, cute character designs.

July 6th

Barakamon | Saru Anime

I love me some slice-of-life series; and somehow, they seem perfect for the summertime. Barakamon follows the adventures of city-dwelling Hanada Seishu as he adjusts to life on a small Japanese island. His reason for being there? He punched a famous calligrapher in the face and has been exiled as punishment. I like the sound of it already.

Bakumatsu Rock
July 2nd

Bakumatsu Rock | Saru Anime

What is with Japan and their zany renditions of history, particularly of the Shinsengumi? I don’t know, but please keep it coming (I’ve been hooked since I played Hakuoki for the first time). Bakumatsu Rock takes these men and turns them into rock idols who are fighting for Japan with music. It sounds ridiculous, and I can only hope it’s as fun as it sounds.

July 8th

Hanayamata | Saru Anime

A completely normal girl falls into the world of yosakoi, a sort of dance technique that blends traditional Japanese dancing with more modern music and an energetic style. The series looks cute, colorful, and perfect for summer.

Tokyo ESP
July 12th

Tokyo ESP | Saru Anime

A girl gains the ability to phase through objects from… a mysterious flying fish? This is after meeting a flying penguin at the top of New Tokyo Tower. Huh. You don’t need to say anymore, I’ll watch it. It’s hard to tell if this is going to be more of a drama or a comedy, given the description, but either way it looks like a unique story.

Zankyou no Terror
July 11th

Zankyou no Terror | Saru Anime

Two young boys orchestrate a terrorist attack on Tokyo, but that’s just the beginning. The team called Sphinx has bigger plans that will likely throw the entire country into chaos. This psychological thriller looks promising and eerie- great for balancing out all the cuteness we have going on this summer in the rest of the lineup.


Alright, so… that’s it. For now. I certainly wont be reviewing all of these shows straight through the summer, but at the very least I’ll be watching a few of them and reviewing a couple here on the blog. Oh summer anime, why must you look so good? I have a job you know. And friends. A life! If it has all fallen apart by August, I’m blaming you.

I’m also curious what other people will be watching this season, so please do comment with your viewing schedule! Anything I didn’t list that you’re looking forward to? Things I did list that you just aren’t interested in? Just want to say hi? See you in the comments!


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