“Salaryman Exorcist” Blue Exorcist Spinoff Getting Own Series

Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrow of Yukio Okumura | Saru Anime

It’s what spinoffs around the world dream of becoming: their own full-fledged series, untethered by the bonds of their parents… or something like that. Poetic wondering aside, the facts are that the Blue Exorcist spinoff manga Salaryman Exorcist is getting its own series in Jump Square magazine. It started out as a single gag manga by Minoru Sasaki, created under the supervision of Blue Exorcist‘s creator Kazue Kato. It will now become a reoccurring series in the monthly manga magazine starting this October.

Salaryman Exorcist features the brother of Blue Exorcist‘s protagonist as the main character. Yukio is a straight-laced, hard-working sort of a guy; especially when compared to his irresponsible and energetic brother Rin. The new manga follows Yukio’s everyday life as he deals with the stresses that come along with being the responsible younger brother. The manga’s full title is Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrow of Yukio Okumura. Owch. Good luck Yukio, you’re going to need it.

Blue Exorcist fans in the US, don’t forget that the movie is coming out in theaters soon!