A Brief Introduction

Hello world!

My name is Saru- and in case you hadn’t guessed it, this is my blog! I know, it’s a shock. Take a moment to get your whits back about you. I’ll wait.

So yes, this is my blog- a blog which will soon be overflowing with anime and manga reviews, news, and other related things. I intend to start with newer fall releases, then move my way into the winter series as they premiere. So if you’re looking for a way to keep up with what’s just coming out, look no further!

I also want to backtrack and watch/rewatch some “older” classics, so there’s going to be plenty of variation.

My main concern when watching anime is streaming it legally, however I might be able to accomplish that. Crunchyroll is a favorite outlet of mine, but I’ll go into detail about where I get my anime as time goes on- and I’ll always provide a link or a source at the end of a review so that you can find it too.

And that’s the bare bones of what this blog is going to be. As for me, there’s not much you need to know! I’m a 20-something anime/manga fan who has been devouring this stuff like candy since Sailor Moon came on cable TV back in the 90’s. It was the start of a long, dark road full of mecha, transformation sequences, and “doughnuts” that look suspiciously like rice balls.

I’ve never looked back.

Hope to see you all come along for the ride!