Hetalia Manga Volumes 4 and 5 Coming Stateside Winter 2013

Hetalia Volume 4 - Saru Anime

Since manga publishing giant Tokyopop went under, many Hetalia fans were certain that their chances of getting official translated volumes of Hidekaz Himaruya‘s popular series went down with it.

But like any good anime protagonist when faced with certain demise, Hetalia somehow managed to hang in there by a thread. Tokyopop and Rightstuf have set up a print-on-demand service for the first three volumes of the manga. And now, volumes four and five are being added to the lineup. They will be available for purchase through Rightstuf this winter.

Hetalia fans, are you excited? I know I am. It’s great to see companies working out new methods to keep series out on the market. Now if only Tokyopop could do the same with so many of their other series that were dropped and lost forever… this author would love to see Gensomaden Saiyuki make a comeback. Just sayin’.

You can buy Hetalia volumes one, two, and three right now over at Rightstuf.