Sale Alert: FUNimation Products 40% Off

Funimation Logo | Saru Anime

Rightstuf is at it again. This time the sale is on Blu-rays, DVDs, and merchandise from FUNimation. The 40% sale will run until September 26th and includes everything from in-stock items to pre-orders. Some notable series and films that are discounted include Wolf Children, Akira, and Axis Powers Hetalia among many, many others. Click here for the full rundown on what’s on sale.


Sale Alert: Yen Press Manga up to 33% Off

Yen Press Logo | Saru AnimeRightstuf has kicked off another manga sale this week. Their stock of books, novels, and other offerings from Yen Press will be marked at least 33% off until August 15th. Notable offerings from Yen Press include several different Madoka Magica manga series, Durarara!!, and Black Butler. Check out the full list of items on sale right here.

Sale Alert: Viz Manga up to 33% Off

VIZ Media Logo | Saru AnimeRightstuf has just announced that they will be running a sale on manga, books, and visual novels from VIZ Media now through July 14th. Everything from the publisher is at least 33% off its usual listing price. To get the full rundown on what’s discounted, you can see Rightstuf’s official announcement here.

Notable series from VIZ include well known Shonen Jump tiles like Bleach, Naruto, and Blue Exorcist. Click here to see a listing of all VIZ’s manga. This sale also includes artbooks and novels such as Battle Royale and Brave Story.

Hetalia Manga Volumes 4 and 5 Coming Stateside Winter 2013

Hetalia Volume 4 - Saru Anime

Since manga publishing giant Tokyopop went under, many Hetalia fans were certain that their chances of getting official translated volumes of Hidekaz Himaruya‘s popular series went down with it.

But like any good anime protagonist when faced with certain demise, Hetalia somehow managed to hang in there by a thread. Tokyopop and Rightstuf have set up a print-on-demand service for the first three volumes of the manga. And now, volumes four and five are being added to the lineup. They will be available for purchase through Rightstuf this winter.

Hetalia fans, are you excited? I know I am. It’s great to see companies working out new methods to keep series out on the market. Now if only Tokyopop could do the same with so many of their other series that were dropped and lost forever… this author would love to see Gensomaden Saiyuki make a comeback. Just sayin’.

You can buy Hetalia volumes one, two, and three right now over at Rightstuf.



Sale Alert! – Rightstuf’s Holiday Sale

If you do any amount of shopping for anime merchandise online, you’re probably familiar with Rightstuf. I personally do most of my anime buying through them- the sales are good and frequent, and it’s  a trustworthy source of legitimate merchandise. Those can be hard to find (as I learned the hard way recently after accidentally purchasing some bootlegged Hetalia figures. Augh.)

So yeah, Rightstuf is awesome most of the year anyway. But what’s so special right now?

I just noticed, those penguins are on a beach. Weird.

I just noticed, those penguins are on a beach. Weird.


Tomorrow is the last day new sale items will be revealed, but the prices will remain discounted until December 14th.

FMA SaleAnO Sale

Some of the savings go up to 80%. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone else, this is a great time to do some online ordering. Be sure to backtrack through the previous days’ sales too! There’s plenty to look at.

I for one will be making some purchases for myself (as I’ve already finished the majority of my shopping for everyone else). Merry Christmas to me!