Space Dandy To Air on Toonami

Space Dandy | Saru Anime
A brand-new anime series headed straight to Toonami? Without months or maybe even years of delay between its Japanese and American release? Please tell me this isn’t a dream.

According to Toonami’s official Tumblr page, this isn’t our collective imaginations at work. The upcoming Space Dandy anime series (from Studio BONES and Shinichiro Watanabe, who you might recognize as the director of some humble little series like Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo) will premiere on Cartoon Network January 2014. According to their post, this will mean that the show is premiering in North America before it does in Japan. Seriously? How can you not be excited to hear that? It’s about time we got something before our Japanese friends. This almost makes me a little less bitter about all the manga I’ll never get to read and all the otome titles I’ll never get to play… okay, maybe not. But it helps.

If you’re full of questions to ask the Toonami staff about this announcement (or any of the many other things they teased in their announcement post), there is going to be a Tumblr Q&A this Sunday starting at 11 AM. Head on over and ask away.

If you haven’t heard about Space Dandy yet, a new trailer for the series has just been uploaded that you can check it out below for an idea of what you’ll be getting yourself into. Between the music and the visuals, there’s a lot to see here that is reminiscent of Cowboy Bebop. Space Dandy looks like it’s going for a more whimsical feel overall with its crazy alien deigns and bright color schemes.

FUNImation has picked up the rights to the series, so we’ll no doubt be seeing a DVD/Blu-ray release of the show in the US sometime next year. What do you all think about Space Dandy so far? Excited, or is it not on your radar?

Edit: Since this was posted, Toonami has redacted the official release date of January 4th, so the post has been changed accordingly.


Sword Art Online English Trailer Revealed

Sword Art Online | Saru Anime

The popular Sword Art Online anime series has been on fans’ radars for a while now; even if you haven’t seen it, chances are you’ve heard people talking about it. Now, with its premiere on the resurrected Toonami fast approaching, its fanbase is no doubt ready to expand. A new trailer for the TV premiere of the English dub is now available for longtime fans and curious newcomers.

Dub versus sub wars aside, I think this show will do well on Toonami. It’s got drama, romance, and a video game spin that will appeal to a lot of viewers that are already watching Toonami; and if they aren’t, the premise of the show will attract newcomers of all ages. As much as many people liked the show Deadman Wonderland, I don’t think it was the greatest way to appeal to a large fanbase, as its extremely adult content would have kept the younger viewers excluded. I’ll be excited to see how SAO does on American television.

The Toonami premiere of Sword Art Online will be on July 28th at 2 AM.


Soul Eater is coming to Toonami!


And don’t they just look thrilled?

So I don’t know about any of you, but I’m REALLY excited about this! I’ve found Toonami’s recent choices in anime series to be a bit questionable- not based on the individual merits of each series, but on their marketability and appeal to anime fans and anime fans-to-be. Either the shows went to alienating extremes or were obscure and slow-paced.

Now it looks like we finally have a show that will appeal to your average anime fan and a general standard audience at the same time! I think this should have a good impact on the block as a whole. We just have to prepare for complaints about the dub that will be screamed from every corner of the internet, no matter how good the dub may actually be.

In any case, it’s set to premiere on February 17th at 1:30 AM.