Sale Alert: Viz Manga up to 33% Off

VIZ Media Logo | Saru AnimeRightstuf has just announced that they will be running a sale on manga, books, and visual novels from VIZ Media now through July 14th. Everything from the publisher is at least 33% off its usual listing price. To get the full rundown on what’s discounted, you can see Rightstuf’s official announcement here.

Notable series from VIZ include well known Shonen Jump tiles like Bleach, Naruto, and Blue Exorcist. Click here to see a listing of all VIZ’s manga. This sale also includes artbooks and novels such as Battle Royale and Brave Story.


Blood Lad – Episode 1

Blood Lad | Saru Anime

Blood Lad began as a manga series by Yuuki Kodama being serialized in Young Ace, a monthly manga magazine. Since then, it’s been picked up by Yen Press in the US and has now became an anime series licensed stateside by Viz. I’ve been interested in this series for a while- the artistic style is unique, and I like the idea of a new, different take on vampires. Blood Lad seemed to promise all that. Was episode one as impressive as I was hoping?

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